Questions to Consider Before Buying Maui Oceanfront Property

Buying Maui oceanfront property can be a very rewarding investment, but it also comes with some caveats. Before you invest on the water, you need to understand setbacks:

  • How close can I build to the water’s edge?
  • What about seawalls, what are the limitations on rebuilding a seawall if necessary?
  • What is involved in a shoreline survey and how long is it valid for?
  • What is the history on the oceanfront area I am interested in?

A beautiful Maui oceanfront property; this property is currently listed with Maui Estates International for $9,775,000

Get the Answers

When making a substantial investment on the water, make sure you have the answers before acquiring the property. For more information, connect with a Realtor that has over 30 years experience dealing with Maui waterfront properties.

Dave Richardson, (R)B Rated Top 100 Hawaii Realtors (2006 - Present)